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Straight design creates attention. Premium quality
ensures durability. The LITRON collection is a commitment
to extraordinary details and stylish taste.
It is produced in the TITAN suitcase manufactory in the Bavarian
Hauzenberg and convinces with many unique features, such as extreme
features, such as extreme durability, surprisingly light weight and
surprisingly light weight and particularly quiet
double wheels.

Enjoy your time out at the highest level!




The products of the TITAN series MERVUS stand for
first-class quality and outstanding design.
design. Only the best materials and components are used
materials and components are used,which are
carefully selected.
Each MERVUS is an exclusive one-of-a-kind product which
"safety", "quality" and "durability" to the next level.
to thenext level. One example: The specially
TITAN SAFEPLUS closure system.
MERVUS - much more than a promise of quality.



TITAN brand


The TITAN brand is repositioning itself for the future. An unmistakable sign of the change is the prominent use of the TITAN icon on all new products. It gives the brand more charisma and a high recognition value across all series.

The aspects "quality", "loving craftsmanship" and "Made in Germany" become the important elements of the TITAN brand. In the future, TITAN will increasingly devote itself to traditional craftsmanship. Quality standards are set high. Because the goal is always to exceed customer expectations a little.

From the first sketch to the last screw. The Hamburg headquarters is the home of all ideas. This is where the exclusive products are designed and developed with creative intuition. Tradition combined with innovation - this promise of quality adorns each of the TITAN luggage items "Made in Germany".

With the greatest care, the best materials and components for the products are selected or developed in-house. In doing so, TITAN benefits from decades of expertise and international know-how.

The topic of "service" will also be given even more emphasis in the future. Because: All spare parts can be supplied in the long term. A benefit that is unique. Particularly strong focus: The sustainability of TITAN products. Environmentally friendly manufacturing, short distances and many other environmentally friendly features are valuable contributions to the protection of the environment. Nature deserves our highest appreciation.