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Quality car, quality bags: Audi luggage for your next road trip!

You love quality and great craftsmanship? You invest in things that work reliably and are long-lasting? Those factors don’t just apply when getting an excellent German car like an Audi! Luggage can be a burden or enhance your travelling experience – and at Koffer24 we specialise in the latter with tried and true brands and quality. We have a keen eye for details that make all the difference when you’re away from home!

Koffer24 has a great choice of Audi car luggage – for the travelling life! High-end brands provide exceptional bags to really fit all you need into even the most confined spaces. Audi luggage comes in a variety of sizes and makes. Whether it’s an aluminum set of Audi bags or multiple durable nylon boot cases, they are specifically tailored to your model’s trunk. Smart interiors with different compartments, straps and added zipper pockets keep clothes, papers and important documents close at all times. Choose a sophisticated Audi bag set – made for your specific model!
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Get Audi luggage at Koffer24 for outstanding service!

A family-owned company for generations, Koffer24 combines the great quality of brand luggage with outstanding service. We are happy to reach out to international customers:

- All Audi luggage is shipped immediately and will usually be with you in 5 business days!
- At low flat rates, dimensions, weight and resulting shipping costs need not be of your concern.
- Whenever your are not fully satisfied, simply return your order within 30 days.
- Online payment options are secured by state-of-the-art encryption.

Shop brand new, custom-fitted Audi luggage now at – for the travelling life!