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Discover the world

If you are a true globetrotter, you have one goal above all: discover the world. Globetrotters are constantly on the move and somehow at home all over the world. This lifestyle should be one thing above all: uncomplicated. So the right luggage is an absolute must! But as a true globetrotter, you're not just backpacking through the jungle, you're also discovering the world's most beautiful beaches and exciting metropolises. Your equipment must be just as diverse as your planned trips.

Let's go on an adventure!

If you are planning a real adventure trip including travel to different places, then your luggage should be as light and manageable as possible. A big, bulky suitcase is probably the wrong choice here. For this type of trip, rather opt for a large, well-built trekking backpack in which you can store your belongings. It should offer enough storage space and also the ergonomics should not come too short. At koffer24 you will find high-quality backpacks in different sizes. Also small bags like cosmetic bags or toilet bags we have in stock for you in the online store. This way you avoid chaos in your backpack and don't waste your valuable time looking for your things.

Suitcases for all occasions

But as I said, a real globetrotter wants to see all corners of the world. This includes the big cities and the beach areas. If you plan to stay longer in one place and accommodation, then you should travel with a large suitcase. This has the advantage that you do not have to carry it, but can pull or push it. In addition, it can be packed more clearly than a backpack. At koffer24 you can find suitcases in different sizes. We offer soft cases and hard cases, so you are always well equipped, no matter where your next trip takes you.

Find your suitable luggage

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Spinner with 4 wheels 78/29 EXP Base Boost L 105 Liter
from €150.58 €219.00 (27% saved)
Wheeled Travel Bag with 2 wheels Rotuma 90 New Islands L
from €179.95 €220.00 (16% saved)
Wheeled Travel Bag with 2 wheels Rotuma 65 New Islands M
from €152.14 €200.00 (23% saved)
Straw + - Hartschalen Koffer L (75 cm) - Dark Grey
€150.05 €199.95 (25% saved)
Bendigo Light + - Suitcase L - Navy
€133.88 €199.95 (33% saved)
Got Bag
Weekender S 45 Liter
from €169.10
Stratic Light + Suitcase L - Dark Blue
€119.96 €159.95 (25% saved)
Carry-on with 2 wheels S 53 cm Stratic Light 33 Liter
€69.90 €119.95 (42% saved)
Trolley with 4 wheels L 77cm EXP City 113 Liter
€116.95 €129.95 (10% saved)